Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New York Nostalgia

I am slightly concerned about how fast time goes, especially these past two years. It quite scares me actually. This time last year, I was in New York with my Mum and Dad. Reflecting on my time there, I feel like I covered so much ground and conquered many shops, but I still didn't get to properly experience NYC. We were so rushed for time that we spent about half an hour getting to Central Park, to stay there for around 15 minutes. I would really love to go back and take part in all the corny touristy things like catch a taxi from Times Square, or have a horse and carriage ride around Central Park whilst eating a churro. At this time of year, with the build up to Christmas, the city has an incredible vibe about it. In London, passers by seem so wrapped up in their own life, they are robotic. In New York, people are friendly, they don't push you over for the last seat on the Subway.

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