Friday, 23 March 2012

Some S/S Beauty Trends I'm Looking Forward To...

Hurrah! Summer officially begins in 3 days - so it's time to say good bye to burgundy hues and porcelain skin, and say hello to bright coloured lipsticks and tanning mits.

 The S/S 12 catwalks displayed an array of different makeup trends, ranging from an avant-garde, colourful, doll inspired look at Meadham Kirchoff, to a slightly more wearable coral lip at Erdem. If you are feeling slightly out of sync with what trends to wear this season, take a look at my top three looks and see what tickles your fancy.

Bright Coloured Lips


A prerequisite for S/S each year. Why? Because it's so versatile and easy to wear. Use
the lipstick as a stain or paint on the layers for a powerful coral punch.This look goes 
perfectly with a sun kissed tan, bushy brows and a sweep of black mascara.


Pastel Nails

Satisfy your sweet tooth by choosing one of these pastel shades to keep your bare nails company this summer. Don't be afraid to mix it up with two or more shades, the more resemblant to neapolitan ice cream, the better!


Bronzed Skin

If the Michael Kors s/s show was anything to go by, it's time to get down to your nearest Boots and pick up a bottle of St Tropez. The models looked like they had just stepped off the plane from a week in the Greek Islands. WARNING: Try not to get too carried away, we are aiming for a natural shade of brown - not a TOWIE orange spray paint job.

For an everyday gradual tan, try St Tropez Naturals Self Tan Lotion £26.59
For an instant tan, try Rimmel Instant Matte Tan £6.99

So there you go, three of the hottest beauty trends for Summer to get you started. Don't be afraid to get experimental, have fun with them!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Alex hearts Menswear

Hopefully by now, you all will have noticed that I have a bit of a 'thing' for Menswear. In the past couple of years, I've found it more and more difficult to dress like a girly girl - hence the reason I lean towards a more androgynous style. Don't get me wrong, I still love to paint my nails and will continue to purchase a hundred more lipsticks for my excessive collection. I'll just do it sporting a pair of tanned leather brogues and some YSL inspired tailored trousers. 

When I stumbled upon this book in Urban Outfitters, I trawled through the pages for a good 7.5 minutes before the staff started looking at me suspiciously. It started to become a regular occurance each time I visited a different branch - I'm not quite sure why I didn't just commit and buy the book. Luckily, it became known to me that a friend owned a copy, and I was quick to ask if I could borrow it for a few weeks.

The book covers 7 sections ranging from tailoring to underwear, each giving a detailed background history and a relevant image alongside. 

A slightly dishevelled Daniel Craig modelling (very, very well) a Baracutta jacket, Image still taken from Quantum of Solace (2008).

Who better to showcase the blouson than James Dean in 'Rebel Without a Cause' (1955). Worn almost undone with a plain white tee underneath showing through - debatable if anyone can pull this look off as well as the man himself.

I really recommend this book to any of you who share a love for menswear, or if you just enjoy staring at photos of Steve McQueen and Gregory Peck.

Even thought I found this book for £19.99 in UO, you can get it from Amazon at a much cheaper price. Here's the link: Icons of Men's Style

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pyjama Party

I can safely say that my bedtime attire has never been on the glamorous side. It usually consists of an unshapely, men's sized t-shirt from a past family holiday and some baggy flannelette trouser bottoms that spend the most part down by my ankles - not exactly 'on trend' material. Luckily for me, the s/s 12 catwalks were filled with an array of seductive, exciting and most importantly, flattering pyjama inspired designs to stimulate my brain cells. Being a fan of a woman in a suit, this modern take on the classic silhouette became an instant favourite of mine. Check out some of my top picks...

                                                             Jill Sandler

J.W Anderson

Stella McCartney

Richard Nicoll

If you're feeling slightly intimidated by some of these catwalk creations, then do not fear - this look can be pulled off by every day folk like me and you. Here are some examples of brave, fashion trend setters making this style seem effortless and doing it well.

One to feed my Chung obsession.

I suddenly feel the urge to go and burn the entirety of my pyjama drawer, just as an excuse to purchase some of these paisley printed pants for Spring. I know what I'm going to be doing in the Easter break, what are your views on the trend?

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fuchsia Capris

Take a good look at these babies. They caught my eye in the window of H&M and could not resist the temptation to go in and try a pair (even though I really really shouldn't be spending, story of my life). I was wearing a plain grey tee at the time and the two went perfectly together! I think they'd go nicely with my cream sheer blouse too, look forward to using that combo. This colour statement is great for spring/summer, all we need now is some of that sunshine!  

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bronzing for Spring/Summer

I've always had a love hate relationship with tanning products. Bad examples include, disgusting biscuit smell that lingers on you all day long and not so natural, tangerine legs. I have tried and tested a number of self tanners, Dove, Johnsons, Garnier you name it - all of which have never really boded well with my pale, sensitive skin. So, in the Christmas holidays I took the plunge and decided to invest in some pricier tanning lotions, one for face and one for body. I made sure did my research before splashing out on these two 'luxury' items. I turned to none other than tanning expert, James Read - also founder of the website His website is home to all things 'bronze' ranging from tutorials, catwalk trends, interviews and reviews.  

When I looked into what face product to choose, he seemed to highly rate Chanel's Soleil Identité. I'd never sampled any of Chanel's beauty products before, so I was happy to see that my skin felt incredibly smooth with a subtle, bronzed glow.

 For body, I turned to trusty tanning brand St Tropez. I chose the Gradual Everyday Tanning Body Lotion which worked well and gave me a nice colour, but it didn't seems to last very long and I was only using it twice a week. Last week I returned to Boots to re-purchase some more and stumbled across a new St Tropez product standing on the shelf. St Tropez 'Naturals' with Vegetan is a new creation perfect for people like me who don't like to layer on lots of parabens and synthetic ingredients onto my body. It also works well for sensitive skin, great for me! 

So far, so good! It hasn't reacted with my skin which was my main concern, and it hasn't turned me a questionable shade of orange. Unfortunately, there is a tiny hint of the dreaded digestive biscuit scent, but only a little - no where near as bad as anything I've tested in the past. They have some other products in the range which I look forward to trying out. Big thumbs up!

To find out more about the Naturals range, visit

Sunday, 26 February 2012

S/S12 Trend Shoot

In a recent project for my Uni course, we were asked to style and organise a photo shoot with clothes inspired from the s/s12 catwalks. My partner and I decided to use the pastel and lace trend as it's such a versatile look that you can really have fun with, and that we did.

Our model Kristie was great and took direction really well. Even though the London skies were clear and the sun was out, temperatures weren't at their best. Nonetheless, she didn't let it faze her and got on with the job like a true professional.

My favourite shot. We had Kristie wearing the blazer, but this was a great alternative pose - her pins looks great in those lemon pastel skinny jeans.

The shoot took place in Kentish Town on a street lined with pastel coloured houses - perfect for our theme. What's more, we stumbled upon this baby blue VW van along the way, it seemed to good to be true!

Siobhan Drew took care of hair and make-up and did a cracking job. The focus was to keep Kristie looking natural with big, defined brows and little colour on the eyes. However, we wanted to have a hint of the peachy/coral tones we all know and love to wear in the Spring. We did two hair and lip looks and changed up the nail colour three times - all worked so well with each outfit.

We were so happy with how all the photos turned out. Meg Hutchison did a great job and knew exactly what we wanted from the shoot. All of her other work is stunning, particularly her portraits, so I knew that we would end up with some great beauty shots as well. All in all, a very successful day - I thoroughly enjoyed the styling aspect of this project and loved being able to hands on with hair and make up choices as well. Hopefully I can get more involved with styling again soon!

Meg Hutchison Photography:
Siobhan Drew Hair & Make Up:  
Model: Kristie @ Leni's

Sunday, 19 February 2012

All hail the Barbour!

The moment has come. After years of wishing, hoping and waiting - I am finally the proud owner of a classic Bedale Barbour.

Quintessentially British, the Barbour jacket has been a must have staple in the wardrobes of country bumpkins all over Britain. In the recent years, (with help from the likes of Alexa Chung) this waxed wonder has also become a favourite amongst trend setters everywhere - proving a great finishing touch, smartening up any day/evening outfit.

The story of the Barbour all began in the Market Place in South Shields in 1894, with the current headquarters situated in Simonside. The brand has 11 of its own retail shops in the UK, and sells in over 40 countries worldwide. They remain true to their core values and the company still prides itself on their individually handmade creations.
Unfortunately, the recognized Barbour look can be seen as something of a clich̩ amongst fellow fashion enthusiasts Рbut, this will not stop me from wearing my Bedale and wearing it proud!

This is by far, the most precious item of clothing in my wardrobe. I only got it yesterday and refuse to let it out of my sight. It's going to look great with my burgundy tartan scarf and perfect over those short skater dresses in Summer.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Camden is renowned for mods, punks and retro market stalls. True it has lost a little of its original rocker authenticity over the years - nonetheless, it still beholds a bustling atmosphere which attracts people from all over the world. Apart from purchasing a Levi's denim jacket from Rockit clothing, a visit to the vegan cafe, InSpiral, was my main priority.

I eliminated meat from my diet 14 months ago, but only recently have I been trying to give up dairy as well (it sounds extreme but it's really not) - and since then I\'ve enjoyed seeking out specialist vegetarian/vegan cafes around my area. InSpiral happened to be one of the top hits on Google when I searched around, and being a fan of Camden anyway, I thought it seemed the perfect place to try out.

I will shamefully admit that I was indeed, very much hungover today - so the first thing I went for on the menu was a rehydrating, antioxidant packed fruit juice, 'Berry Bliss' to be precise. It well and truly did the trick, I instantly felt better after - this made me more entitled to order some of the delicious food I'd heard so much about.

For my main, I ordered a 'medium mixed bowl', which literally consists of a variety of the cafes mixed buffet. My friend (a meat lover) decided on the much talked about vegan lasagne, which looked and tasted a treat.

Not only was this food delicious, it was exciting and enticing. Being in an industry which is filled with health conscious gym bunnies, this diet is probably one of the best you can follow. Even if you love nothing more than a great big, juicy Angus steak, I recommend trying out InSpiral (or any veg/vegan cafe that is for that matter) and seeing what you think. Let me know how you get on!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Gifts For Him

Trawling through the pages of Selfridges, I've managed to conjure up a list of my favourite Valentines gift ideas for your special spouse this year. WARNING: Damage to bank account is probable.

Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper Medium Holdall £495
Perfect for the weekend break he's been planning for months.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream £30.50
Whether he's 25 or 60, the 'W' word is something that no man wants to discuss - so make it easy for them and take matters into your own hands. 

Taylor of Old Bond Street Leather Grooming Box £229
An extravagant gift yes, but who said there had to be a price on beauty.

Tom Ford for Men Eau de Toilette 50ml £45
If your man's scent doesn't excite you any more, induce a bit of Tom Ford into his daily routine - try resisting him after that.
Paul Smith Mini Interior Wash Bag £110
Perfect for fitting in all those lotions and potions you didn't realise he had.

Alexander McQueen Skull Embossed iPad Case £265
Keep him looking professional with this sleek leather iPad case, one sure to impress at those important business meetings.

Vivienne Westwood Classic Orb Wallet £100
Who could turn down a bit of the punk-princess herself. Bank cards and green paper has never looked this good.

UGG Scuff Slippers £80
A definite luxurious treat for their feet.