Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tim Walker

In one of my lectures the other day, we were asked to think of which photographers we admire. I've always been interested in photography, film especially, but have never known much about the people behind the camera. Of course there are names which a lot of people are familiar with; Mario Testino (I particularly like the book 'Kate Moss by Mario Testino'), David Baily and Annie Leibovitz - however, Tim Walker is one that has stolen my attention. Coming from Exeter myself, I was surprised when I discovered that this was the place in which he studied at one point - he has also shot on location at Chanter's House in Ottery St Mary, a quaint village also in Devon. I think I am drawn to Walker's images as each one tells a different story, yet they all seem to follow the same fairytale like theme. He likes to use animals and obscure props in the shots, and the focus is not always on the models which is a refreshing take. My next assignment involves creating and styling a shoot, I cannot say my final outcome will be as good as the man himself, but at least I have a large archive of his work to hopefully inspire my dormant brain cells.

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