Monday, 17 October 2011

A Well Overdue London Fashion Weekend 2011 Report

Saturday 24th September, that is how long this post is overdue. I am terrible at this - but this is my motivation to get better and not let this type of slacker behaviour reoccur ever again. So where do I start. I had never been to LFWeekend prior to this year, however I know people who have been and recommended visiting at least once. I went with my flat mate Charlie for the 9.30 opening (unfortunately being my un-organised self, left it too long to get the later, more convenient tickets)and probably left around 11.15. The stalls were all really good and I did enjoy mooching around them, but come on, who REALLY has £950 to spend on a coin purse? After bimbling about for an hour, we headed on down to the show where we were greeted by our goodie bags containing some pretty neat products which, most, have lasted me until now. The catwalk shows were all from A/W 11 - so a season behind the current trends, but that didn't really matter seeing as we are heading into mid October now, so I was taking note. Jaeger was my favourite as it continued to mix in the androgynous, smart look with their A/W wear which I love. Overall thought, I don't think I will go again next year seeing as I think it will still hold the same format as every other year including this. Additionally, most of my friends managed to sneak into LFW for free - I think I will try that next year instead of fishing out £42.

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