Thursday, 16 February 2012


Camden is renowned for mods, punks and retro market stalls. True it has lost a little of its original rocker authenticity over the years - nonetheless, it still beholds a bustling atmosphere which attracts people from all over the world. Apart from purchasing a Levi's denim jacket from Rockit clothing, a visit to the vegan cafe, InSpiral, was my main priority.

I eliminated meat from my diet 14 months ago, but only recently have I been trying to give up dairy as well (it sounds extreme but it's really not) - and since then I\'ve enjoyed seeking out specialist vegetarian/vegan cafes around my area. InSpiral happened to be one of the top hits on Google when I searched around, and being a fan of Camden anyway, I thought it seemed the perfect place to try out.

I will shamefully admit that I was indeed, very much hungover today - so the first thing I went for on the menu was a rehydrating, antioxidant packed fruit juice, 'Berry Bliss' to be precise. It well and truly did the trick, I instantly felt better after - this made me more entitled to order some of the delicious food I'd heard so much about.

For my main, I ordered a 'medium mixed bowl', which literally consists of a variety of the cafes mixed buffet. My friend (a meat lover) decided on the much talked about vegan lasagne, which looked and tasted a treat.

Not only was this food delicious, it was exciting and enticing. Being in an industry which is filled with health conscious gym bunnies, this diet is probably one of the best you can follow. Even if you love nothing more than a great big, juicy Angus steak, I recommend trying out InSpiral (or any veg/vegan cafe that is for that matter) and seeing what you think. Let me know how you get on!

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