Sunday, 28 August 2011

Latest Obsession.

On a recent visit to Reiss this weekend, I stumbled upon what can only be one of mans greatest creations, well, in the 'Wash bag' department anyway. How have I never seen this before? They were hidden away on the bottom shelf of one of the window displays, where I only noticed them as I bent down to tie my converse lace that had come loose. 'Wow' is my only word to describe it. Definitely two of the most chic accessories I've seen around lately, and still they maintain the same prestige quality that Reiss always delivers. £39 is probably more than you would expect to pay for a make-up bag, but as said before, you are paying for quality - and these are the items that always last the longest. I do believe in the near future I am going to adopt one of these puppies.

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