Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh, I love Autumn/Winter.

Today's purchase...

Topshop 'Nude Zigzag Snood' £16

Today I went to meet some friends in town for something to eat at Pizza Express, but of course I prioritized a bit of shopping beforehand. As I bimbled around the shops, I was taking note of all the new Autumn/Winter 11 pieces that were catching my eye (River Island has a particularly good range of chunky knits at the moment). As I wondered into Topshop, I was intrigued by lots of items, tops mainly - but nothing really jumped out and said 'I will look amazing on you Alex, BUY ME'. Well, this was until I stumbled upon the accessories department where I was greeted nicely by a stone coloured, chunky snood that really did have my name written all over it. I've wanted to get my hands on a snood since last year but never really got round to it, however this year, I'm jumping ahead of the game and preparing myself nice and early! I love it and I'm now counting the days now until those cold, frosty come mornings where I can show off my new friend in style.

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